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#4 fixed Allow SRAM/EEPROM/save states to be stored relative to ROMs somebody mikepavone

Some users prefer to keep all save related data adjacent to their ROMs. There should be a config file option to support this

#9 fixed Adventures of Batman and Robin (PAL) - error during Two Face boss fight somebody mikepavone

User Pat86 on Reddit reports a fatal error during the Two Face boss fight in the PAL version of Adventures of Batman and Robin. The proximate cause of the fatal error is improper decoding of an illegal instruction, which is being tracked separately in ticket:8. However, it seems unlikely that the game is depending on an illegal instruction trap for proper operation so more investigation is needed to find the root cause.

#10 fixed Add screenshot button mikepavone Sik

Add a screenshot button. The screenshot should be native resolution (e.g. 320×224 or whatever).

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