Compatibility Issues (4 matches)

This report tracks issues that impact compatibility with an individual game that aren't simply due to unimplemented hardware (which is tracked by the Completness issues report) or a known general accuracy issue (which is tracked by the Accuracy issues report).


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Ticket Summary Owner Status Priority Milestone Component
#21 Add remaining EEPROM games to ROM DB mikepavone closed major 0.5.1 Genesis/Megadrive
#22 Occassional black line in Top Gear 2 mikepavone closed major 0.5.1 Genesis/Megadrive
#23 Line -1 renders incorrectly in two scenes of Overdrive 2 mikepavone new major 0.8.0 Genesis/Megadrive
#36 Minor Graphical Glitch in Road Rash 3 Bike Shop mikepavone closed trivial 0.5.2 Genesis/Megadrive
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