Mar 26, 2017:

6:24 AM Ticket #3 (YM2612 CSM mode is missing) closed by mikepavone
fixed: CSM mode is now implemented. Observed strange behavior is not yet …

Mar 25, 2017:

7:36 AM Ticket #15 (Emulate slow rise time of IO port pin when transitioning from low ...) created by mikepavone
When an IO pin on one of the controller ports is set to an input, it …

Mar 22, 2017:

4:59 AM Ticket #14 (Change the default format of screenshot filenames) closed by mikepavone
4:41 AM Ticket #4 (Allow SRAM/EEPROM/save states to be stored relative to ROMs) closed by mikepavone

Mar 19, 2017:

9:57 PM Ticket #1 (DIVU/DIVS timing is inaccurate) closed by mikepavone

Mar 6, 2017:

3:37 AM Ticket #14 (Change the default format of screenshot filenames) created by Sik
The current default format for screenshot filenames has two issues: …

Mar 5, 2017:

7:42 PM Ticket #13 (CRAM artifacts are a little off in Outrunners and Overdrive 2) created by mikepavone
First some background about how the scene in the screenshots works. …
5:48 AM Ticket #12 (Error/Warning dialogs broken on Windows) closed by mikepavone
fixed: It seems vsnprintf is returning -1 on Windows when the buffer it is …
5:41 AM Ticket #11 (Make shortcuts trigger on key press) closed by mikepavone
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