Quiche Programming Language



Quiche is a dynamically typed (untyped for the PL purists out there) language built around anonymous functions and objects. It is part of a larger product to create a programming environment that is easy to use on a touchscreen device.

Getting It

Quiche is currently under active development and does not yet have a stable release. You can get the current version from the Mercurial repository. The bootstrap compiler is written in Javascript and is designed to be run in the d8 shell of the V8 Javascript Engine. This compiler produces C code which must then be compiled by gcc (clang will probably work, but the current scripts assume gcc). Binaries are currently linked against the Boehm GC library so that must be installed as well.


To compile a Quiche program, first ensure that d8 is in your $PATH. Then run PATH_TO_QUICHE/compile SOME_SOURCE_FILE This will produce a binary in the same directory as the source file if compilation is successful. Additional arguments will be passed directly to gcc. This is necessary for compiling code that depends on C libraries such as SDL or Freetype. For instance, to compile the ui sample you might do: PATH_TO_QUICHE/compile PATH_TO_QUICHE/samples/ui.tp `pkg-config --cflags --libs sdl2 freetype2`