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Implemented IR and undefined bits of info word for address error exception frames
author Michael Pavone <>
date Wed, 27 Apr 2016 21:39:17 -0700
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*New Features*

 - BlastEm will now open a new terminal window when starting the debugger if it's not attached to one
 - Errors are displayed in a message box if no terminal is attached
 - Pure SDL render path for when OpenGL 2 is unavailable (thanks Higor Eurípedes)

 - GDB remote debugging works again
 - Fixed a name conflict that prevented vgmplay from being built on OS X
*Other Changes*

 - Windows build now includes the disassemblers, VGM player and save state viewer

*New Features*

 - 32-bit x86 CPUs are now supported
 - BlastEm is now available for OS X and Windows
 - Finished support for the Sega mapper used by Super Street Fighter 2
 - Added support for EEPROM saves
 - Added support for large flat-mapped ROMs (used by some homebrew ROMS)
 - New 68K debugger command bt (backtrace)
 - I/O devices (gamepads and other peripherals) can now be configured in blastem.cfg
 - VDP Debugger views from before 0.1.0 have been restored

 - Partial emulation of floating bus bits for certain I/O regs (fixes Super Offroad 2)
 - Fixed shadow/highlight mode
 - Implemented AM and fixed LFO update speed
 - Fixed negative detune values
 - Corrected register to operator mapping for channel 3 special mode
 - Initial stab at emulating cycles being stolen from the 68K when the Z80 accesses its bus
 - Better handling of creating a savestate in "uncooperative" games/demos
 - Implemented VSCROLL latching
 - Fixed a bug that would corrupt the Z80's SP register in some situations
 - Fixed PAL flag in VDP status register
 - Fixed HV counter
 - Fixed flag calculation for RRA, RRCA, RLA and RLCA
 - Fixed instruction timing for RR, RRC, RL and RLC when using the IX or IY registers
 - Fixed access to the I and R registers

*Other Changes*

 - Upgraded to SDL2
 - Dropped suport for the non-OpenGL render path
 - Linux builds should now work on something other than the specific version of Ubuntu I happen to be using at build time
 - BlastEm now syncs at least once per line by default. You can change this behavior with the max_clocks config value

*New Features*

- Added Turbo and Slow modes that overclock and underclock the system respectively
- Added FPS counter
- New OpenGL render backend that allows filters to be writte in GLSL
- Support 'UI' bindings on gamepad buttons and dpads
- GDB remote debugging support
- New debugger 68K debugger commands o, s and zp (see README for details)


- Fixed argument handling so that the ROM filename does not need to be specified first
- Don't allow register writes to Mode 5 only regs when in Mode 4
- Fixed a bunch of VDP edge case behavior checked by Nemesis's test ROM
- Fixed operator 1 self-feedback
- Fixed handling of envelope overflow in attack phase
- Fixed handling of channel output overflow
- Adjusted FM and PSG volume to better match real hardware
- Improved YM-2612 busy flag emulation
- Properly sync hardware at end of frame when the 68K is blocked by DMA
- Approximate wait state behavior when the Z80 accesses the 68K's bus
- Implemented HV counter latch
- Implemented sprite overflow and collision flags

Initial Release