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Wed, 17 Dec 2014 09:53:51 -0800 Michael Pavone Get Z80 core back into compileable state
Sun, 14 Dec 2014 16:45:23 -0800 Michael Pavone WIP effort to update z80 core for code gen changes
Tue, 11 Mar 2014 09:44:47 -0700 Michael Pavone Split gen_mem_fun out of m68k_core_x86 and make it more generic so it can be used by the Z80 core
Sat, 08 Mar 2014 00:15:09 -0800 Michael Pavone Move translate_m68k_movem to m68k_core.c
Fri, 07 Mar 2014 23:26:46 -0800 Michael Pavone Made m68k_retranslate_inst host-cpu generic and moved it to m68k_core.c
Fri, 07 Mar 2014 19:45:05 -0800 Michael Pavone Minor refactor to translate_m68k_move_ccr_sr and translate_m68k_stop to reduce code duplication
Fri, 07 Mar 2014 19:39:51 -0800 Michael Pavone Use swap_ssp_usp in translate_m68k_move_ccr_sr
Fri, 07 Mar 2014 19:35:13 -0800 Michael Pavone Combine andi ccr/sr and ori ccr/sr.
Fri, 07 Mar 2014 17:51:40 -0800 Michael Pavone Use update_flags instead of individual set_flag calls in a few places
Fri, 07 Mar 2014 17:42:29 -0800 Michael Pavone Refactored translate_m68k so that it contains no host-cpu specific code and moved it to m68k_core.c
Wed, 05 Mar 2014 19:26:53 -0800 Michael Pavone Combine implementations of lea and pea. Update bit instructions to use the op_ family of functions to simplify their implementation a bit.
Wed, 05 Mar 2014 09:33:50 -0800 Michael Pavone Refactor translate_m68k_cmp to use translate_m68k_arith
Tue, 04 Mar 2014 22:35:01 -0800 Michael Pavone Combine the implementation of ABCD and SBCD in the 68K core
Tue, 04 Mar 2014 22:24:08 -0800 Michael Pavone Use translate_m68k_unary for SWAP in 68K core
Tue, 04 Mar 2014 22:12:43 -0800 Michael Pavone Refactor a bunch of the arithmetic instructions in the 68K core to reduce duplicate code
Tue, 04 Mar 2014 00:02:20 -0800 Michael Pavone Small refactor to flag handling in 68K core
Mon, 03 Mar 2014 22:22:36 -0800 Michael Pavone Remove jmp_r from gen_x86.h since it got added to gen.h
Mon, 03 Mar 2014 22:17:20 -0800 Michael Pavone More 68K core refactoring to both reduce the amount of code and better split the host-cpu specific parts from the generic parts
Mon, 03 Mar 2014 22:16:41 -0800 Michael Pavone Enable link time optimization
Mon, 03 Mar 2014 21:08:43 -0800 Michael Pavone Make some small changes in trans so that it is more likely to produce the same output as mustrans when given misbehaving programs. Add lea to testcases.txt. Improve the output of comparetest.py so that known issues can easily be separated from new ones.
Sun, 02 Mar 2014 17:53:32 -0800 Michael Pavone Refactor translat_m68k_src and translate_m68k_dst into a single function
Sun, 02 Mar 2014 16:34:29 -0800 Michael Pavone Initial stab at separating the generic parts of the 68K core from the host-cpu specific parts.
Sun, 02 Mar 2014 15:25:52 -0800 Michael Pavone Rename x86_68k_options and m68k_to_x86.h to m68k_options and m68k_core.h respectively
Sun, 02 Mar 2014 14:46:55 -0800 Michael Pavone Small Makefile change that was missed in the last commit
Sun, 02 Mar 2014 14:45:36 -0800 Michael Pavone Refactor gen_x86 to use an interface more like gen_arm and to remove the need for the caller to decide whether an 8-bit or 32-bit displacement is needed in the rdisp functions. Update m68k_to_x86 to use the new version of the gen_x86 functions and do some minor refactoring there in the process
Sun, 02 Mar 2014 14:41:43 -0800 Michael Pavone Add backtrace (bt) command to 68K debugger
Sat, 01 Mar 2014 17:11:06 -0800 Michael Pavone Add a separate flag/define for disabling the Z80 at compile time to ease refactoring
Sat, 01 Mar 2014 17:07:33 -0800 Michael Pavone Fix PC displacement mode check in disassembler so that jmps involving a register are handled correctly
Mon, 24 Feb 2014 09:55:24 -0800 Michael Pavone Moved some generic stuff from backend.h gen_arm.h and gen_arm.c into gen.h and gen.c. Added a couple fields to cpu_options so that gen_mem_fun can be made guest CPU generic
Mon, 23 Jun 2014 13:12:04 -0400 Mike Pavone Ensure proper stack alignment when the Z80 calls into C code. This fixes a crash in optimized builds on OSX
Mon, 23 Jun 2014 11:46:56 -0400 Mike Pavone Save and restore guest address in the write function for a code memory chunk in the "slow" path for inconvenient host addresses. This fixes an intermittent crash on OSX in the code that checks whether the memory written may contain code
Mon, 23 Jun 2014 11:05:55 -0400 Mike Pavone Fix x86_rrindex_sizedir. Pass the correct scale to mov_rindexr in gen_mem_fun. BlastEm now sort of works on OS X. Runs reliably from lldb, but only intermittently from the shell
Tue, 17 Jun 2014 01:50:29 -0400 Mike Pavone blastem builds and almost works on OS X now
Mon, 24 Feb 2014 01:30:16 -0800 Mike Pavone Use a typedef code_ptr in place of uint8_t * in 68K core to better support host instruction sets with different instruction word sizes. Make x86_68k_options contain a cpu_options so that gen_mem_fun can eventually be shared with the Z80 core.
Mon, 24 Feb 2014 00:50:15 -0800 Mike Pavone Rename x86_backend.h and x86_backend.c to backend.h and backend.c respectively
Mon, 24 Feb 2014 00:40:32 -0800 Michael Pavone Fix build breakage
Mon, 24 Feb 2014 00:39:02 -0800 Michael Pavone Start work on refactoring some of the backend code to allow more sharing between M68K and Z80 cores and possibly also between x86 and the ARM backend when it exists
Sun, 23 Feb 2014 22:17:43 -0800 Michael Pavone Fix ARM code generation and test program
Sun, 23 Feb 2014 21:37:19 -0800 Mike Pavone Added untested code for generating ARM machine code
Sun, 23 Feb 2014 11:52:13 -0800 Mike Pavone Fix typo in Makefile
Wed, 19 Feb 2014 00:44:19 -0800 Michael Pavone Fix type mismatch on headless global that was causing a crash in the vgm player on ARM
Wed, 19 Feb 2014 00:22:27 -0800 Michael Pavone Apart from the Z80 core, BlastEm now supports 32-bit x86
Tue, 18 Feb 2014 23:19:07 -0800 Michael Pavone Properly null terminate string returned by readlink in util.c
Tue, 18 Feb 2014 21:37:31 -0800 Michael Pavone Initial work on the x86-32 target
Tue, 18 Feb 2014 20:32:10 -0800 Michael Pavone Generate get_sr, set_sr and set_ccr at runtime so they can respect the flag_regs setting
Mon, 17 Feb 2014 19:58:37 -0800 Michael Pavone Make references to flags in the M68K core respect the flag_regs options array so that flags can be moved out of registers for the 32-bit port. set/get ccr/sr still need to be updated to support this, but everything else should be done.
Sun, 16 Feb 2014 19:54:27 -0800 Michael Pavone Generate handle_cycle_limit at runtime so it can use the generated save/load_context functions. Since the hand written versions of save/load are no longer used they have been removed.
Sun, 16 Feb 2014 19:21:39 -0800 Michael Pavone Generate native_addr and native_addr_and_sync at runtime so they can use the generated save/load_context functions
Sun, 16 Feb 2014 18:17:59 -0800 Michael Pavone Generate retrans_stub at runtime so it can use the generated save/load_context functions
Sun, 16 Feb 2014 16:50:10 -0800 Michael Pavone Removed old debug print function that is no longer needed
Sat, 15 Feb 2014 22:35:18 -0800 Michael Pavone Get rid of the native stack option the 68K core. Trying to make it work with code that messes with the stack is not worth the trouble.
Sat, 15 Feb 2014 21:25:36 -0800 Michael Pavone Generate m68k_start_context at runtime so it can use the generated load_context and save_context
Fri, 14 Feb 2014 19:56:18 -0800 Michael Pavone Generate save_context and load_context functions at runtime
Thu, 13 Feb 2014 21:34:50 -0800 Mike Pavone Added tag v0.2.0 for changeset 6b7a96d0eda8
Thu, 13 Feb 2014 01:41:40 -0800 Mike Pavone Added CHANGELOG v0.2.0
Thu, 13 Feb 2014 01:21:02 -0800 Mike Pavone Update README
Thu, 13 Feb 2014 00:55:01 -0800 Mike Pavone Better emulation of the YM-2612 busy flag
Thu, 13 Feb 2014 00:10:36 -0800 Mike Pavone Properly sync hardware when frame end is reached during DMA
Wed, 12 Feb 2014 23:35:10 -0800 Mike Pavone Added tag v0.1.0 for changeset 949c7d875693
Wed, 12 Feb 2014 23:32:05 -0800 Mike Pavone Comment out LFO debug printf