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author Michael Pavone <>
date Sat, 15 Aug 2015 22:45:33 -0700
parents 25bc8a5ab41e
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pavone@85 1 Improve string library
pavone@85 2 Add basic UTF-8 support
pavone@85 3 Implement import: in C backend
pavone@85 4 Implement route:via
pavone@85 5 Implement a hash dict based on hash set implementation
pavone@85 6 Rejigger how built-in type/modules are handled slightly so we can add array new: which will return an array pre-allocated to a certain size
pavone@85 7 Implement immutable objects
pavone@85 8 Implement lists
pavone@85 9 Add support for actors
pavone@85 10 Check for breakage in Javascript backend and fix it
pavone@85 11 Port all library stuff from C backend to Javascript backend
pavone@87 12 Fix block comments in grammar
pavone@87 13 Add dict literals to grammar and compiler
pavone@87 14 Re-write compiler in TP
pavone@87 15 Finish type system design
pavone@87 16 Implement type system