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#36 fixed Minor Graphical Glitch in Road Rash 3 Bike Shop Mike Pavone Mike Pavone

Switching between bike categories in the bike shop causes a momentary graphical glitch on screen some of the time. This is particularly noticeable if you switch quickly between them.

#32 fixed Nuklear Based UI Mike Pavone Mike Pavone

The ROM-based UI is kind of neat from a technical perspective, but it's kind of ugly and will always have some usability limitations compared to something a bit more native. Nuklear should be relatively straightforward to integrate into my existing event handling and rendering code. It's also a very small dependency that won't complicate packaging unlike most normal toolkits.

#22 fixed Occassional black line in Top Gear 2 Mike Pavone Mike Pavone

From time to time a black horizontal line will show up at a random line of the display during gameplay.

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