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#15 fixed Emulate slow rise time of IO port pin when transitioning from low output to input mikepavone mikepavone

When an IO pin on one of the controller ports is set to an input, it will be pulled high by a pull up resistor. However, it appears that pull up is weak so the rise time is observable. Decap Attack has a buggy controller reading routine that depends on this behavior.

#21 fixed Add remaining EEPROM games to ROM DB mikepavone mikepavone

The information required to properly emulate EEPROM saves is not represented in the standard Sega header so these games need metadata added to the ROM database in order to work. While many of the these have been added, there are still more left to do

#22 fixed Occassional black line in Top Gear 2 mikepavone mikepavone

From time to time a black horizontal line will show up at a random line of the display during gameplay.

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