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ConvSCD is a program to change the region of a Sega/Mega CD game so that it can be made to work on a Sega/Mega CD console other than the one it was intended for. SCDConv by Eidolon made great strides in this area, but compatability was very low for some conversions. It is my aim to correct that.

Download ConvSCD 1.10

New for version 1.10:

Complete Rewrite: Lost the code in a hard drive crash, but the code needed some cleaning anyway. Nasty Bugs Squashed: 1.05 did not properly identify Japanese ISOs and had trouble converting to the European region. This has been fixed.
Full Comand Line Support: You can now enter in all the needed information via command line switches if you so desire. The old interactive mode is still available.
Please read the readme110.txt file for more details.

Download ConvSCD 1.05

New for version 1.05:

Improved Region Detection: ConvSCD should now be able to correctly identify an ISO's region 100% of the time.
Identifies converted ISOs: ConvSCD will now tell the user if it detects that the image has been converted before
Report Mode: If a filename is given on the command line, ConvSCD will print a report about the image and exit without doing a conversion

Older Versions:
ConvSCD 1.02
ConvSCD 1.00

The program should have much better luck doing the folowing conversions than scdconv:

EU -> US
Jap -> US
Jap -> EU

There are only a few instances when it will fail at these conversions:
1)The main processor and sub processor boot code are highly timing sensitive because they don't handshake properly
2)The game actually goes and checks the region of the console itself
3)It's an NTSC game that can't cope being on a PAL machine or vice versa
4)The boot code takes up all 16 sectors alotted to it by the ISO

It's theoretically possible to fix 1 and 4, but it's a lot of extra work and I don't think it will be an issue. I do know that 2 is an issue for 1 or 2 games and 3 will probably be an issue with FMV games and possibly games that use RasterF/X.

I could put together a boot CD that would both eliminate problems 1 and 4 and remove the need to rip, convert, and burn games, but I won't do this unless I get enough requests to do so.

I have some preliminary compatability reports and at some point I would like to build a compatability list. If you would like to contribute e-mail me at: