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Fix OS X build
author Michael Pavone <>
date Wed, 04 May 2016 00:50:20 -0700
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Feature			Status			Priority
Z80				mostly done		10
 |--Decoder		complete
 |--Translator  mostly done
 |--Banked mem	complete
 |--Test gen	complete

PSG				complete		9
YM-2612			partial			9
H-Ints			complete		8
Interlace		complete		7
save states		partial			6
mappers			partial			5
save ram		complete		5
basic UI		not started		5
x86-32 backend	not started		5
Sega CD			not started		4
 |--Comm regs

Laser Active	not started		4
ARM backend		not started		4
32X				not started		3
 |--Comm regs

mega mouse		not started		1
multitap		not started		1
ligh gun(s)		not started		1
SVP chip		not started		1
cheat codes		not started		0
VDP Mode 4		not started		0
SMS/GG			not started		0

Priority 6 and above items MUST be finished before release
Priority 5 would be nice to have at least partial support for before release